Race across the USA

Race across the USA
Beginning January 16, 2015 an international team of athletes will cross the United States on foot with the goal of inspiring a generation

Uplifter Drifter Sifter

"Uplifter Drifter Sifter"
$50 Donation

Every drifter need's a sifter. (If that's not a line in a Dr. Suess book it should be.) You my friend are an uplifter!  You just helped change the life of 5 kids.  THANK YOU!  Wear your sifter with pride and always be prepared to strike  it rich sifting through sand and streams for gold, diamonds or even pennies. Your kind donation could  make you a gazillionaire and if you do strike rich I already know that you are a kind hearted soul that will use your new found wealth to help others.

Donate Here

If you do make a donation please email me at
contact me on facebook

Please include your name and address so that I can mail to you your thank you gift.  If you see a particular item in one of these pictures or have preference of color  I will do my best to send you the one you want.  Note if your amulet is cracked sandy or has tar on it, that just gives it more character. 

I will be posting the names of everyone who makes a donation (unless they wish to be anonymous) 
I hope that you appreciate  these thank you gifts I know that they are silly but my heart went into making them and if you send me a picture of you wearing yours I would love to post it on this blog.

Really though it's not about the reward it's all about helping out some kids.
Thank you very much in advance for your generosity. 
 The 100 mile club is  great organization that I care deeply about and any donation no matter how small can help make a big impact on a child's life!

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